One of our absolute favourite hikes takes you up into the Rahoy hills nature reserve. You park just past the turning for Loch Arienas and can then wander on the North shore of Arienas (very boggy!) which takes you to one of the cleared villages on the Loch

You can also take the track that takes you up into Glen Dubh, which is a real favourite. It’s a well produced track that is wide enough for a vehicle and well kept until you get close to the bothy, Crosben. As you walk through the Glen, you have an incredibly beautiful river beside you that during Summer houses 15 species of dragonfly. A certain times of year, you get jumping salmon making their way upriver to spawn.

You can often see Golden Eagles on the wing up here as you are close to so many pairs and fabulous views of the Glen and through to Achagavel. It’s about 5-6km total and not too much ascent to suitable for most.

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