White Tailed Eagles were reintroduced to the UK in the mid 1970s on Rum to start with (just North of us) after the last pair had been eradicated from there in 1909. They started successfully breeding following the translocation of a number of juveniles onto Mull from Norway in subsequent years with the first pair to successfully breed being on Loch Ba on Mull.

Since then, they have gone from strength to strength on the West Coast and there are now a healthy number of breeding pairs, with the concentration being on Mull and Lochaber. As such, we are right in the middle of the hotspot, so we get a lot of Eagle action at the hotel (we are also in the middle of the largest Golden Eagle population too!).

We now run trips from our friends’ boat MV Wild Morvern through our Wild West Coast sister company. You can book directly on the Wild West Coast website – www.wildwestcoast.co.uk or you can contact us to make a booking on your behalf.

White Tailed Eagles are the largest bird of prey in the UK and feed on sea birds, geese, fish and carrion. They are very happy eating whatever they can find and have a talent for stealing kills from other animals – one common one being the Otter (Lutra Lutra).

While Tails are absolutely majestic birds with a huge wingspan and to see these up close as you do from the boat is just breathtaking.

You can also see them most days in front of the hotel. If your timing is right, you might see one just off shore making its way onto the Morvern Mountains or maybe with binoculars see them circling on the mountain opposite us.

We are always keen to hear Eagle stories, so please share your favourite Eagle encounter while staying with us

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