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2024 Autumn/Winter workshops

Please call 07584 394776 to book

September 2024 workshops

September workshops will run Wednesday to Sundays each week. While our main focus will be raptors (white tailed eagle, golden eagle, hen harrier, merlin, peregrine) and otters, we will also look at Red Squirrels and Pine Marten light permitting. 

Cost £1650 including accomodation

Call 07584 394776 to book in

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The Rut

October 2024

  • The Rut

Through October, we will concentrate on the Rut. While we will also spend time with our normal species on the peninsula, this is our chance for some rutting action, so at least 2 days will be spent tracking deer herds in the hope of spotting some action.

Cost: £1500 including accomodation

Call 07584 394776 to book

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November 2024

  • General focus

The wildlife is preparing for Winter, so we will start to get squirrels burying nuts, eagles feeding up while they can and normal otter activity. 

Cost: £950 including accomodation

Call 07584 3944776 to book

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General focus
In search of Winter

December 2024

  • In search of Winter

In December we will try to capture as much of the Winter wildlife on offer around us. Red squirrels will still be active, but will bury nuts. Otters will be around as normal and eagles will be trying to hunt efficiently. It always surprises me just how much I see in December. It's a great learning experience as light is often a challenge and it's one of those times you can really get to know your camera.

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